Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Behind the Veil Interview (part 2)

Interview with White Raven - Behind the Veil

Here is the much anticipated part 2 of our interview with White Raven!  You can read part 1 here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Behind the Veil Interview (part 1)

Interview with White Raven - Behind the Veil

Some of you may recognize her from the internet, forums or boards.  White Raven is a wealth of knowledge, walking between worlds that many people can barely imagine.  I was lucky enough to catch up with her and ask her some questions that many wonder about, whenever the subject of "ghosts", "deceased loved ones", "spirits" come up.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Shower Healing Rite

Shower Healing Rite

I wanted to share this with everyone.  It's a little bit of improvisational magick I have used in the past, and it seems to work pretty well.  Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

This is a rite I developed on the fly, because we as magicians are always working magick into everything we do, right?  I outline the instructions below.  It's relatively simple, does not require much time or tools, and can be performed whenever your about to take a shower.

The source of this ritual is obscured at best.  I believe I read a similar shower ritual in a book once, the authors name escapes me.  I took the general feel of it (which was new-agey) and put a somewhat traditional spin on it.  The prayers in this are also from the Judeo-Christian paradigm, so if your not comfortable reciting Psalms and Hebrew Godnames, you can substitute for whatever your faith is.

Enter in your bathroom, strip down clothing and turn on shower.

1.  Perform the LBRP. You don't need to do this in the shower itself, just in the bathroom.
2.  Recite Psalm 23 three times.  I have it memorized... its a great prayer to know by heart, as it has many uses in traditional magic as well.
3.  Say a short prayer to God for him to send his angels down for healing (This rite calls on Raphael)
4.  Say a prayer of Benediction over the Water the shower. This is from Key of Solomon, and even though it's not used in the traditional way (with a container and salt), I find that this creates a "Holy Atmosphere" in the shower stall from itself. Your basically doing anything in your power to make the space suitable for Raphael to come.

“I exorcise thee, O Creature of Water, by Him Who hath created thee and gathered thee together into one place so that the dry land appeared, that thou uncover all the deceits of the Enemy, and that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleannesses of the Spirits of the World of Phantasm, so they may harm me not, through the virtue of God Almighty Who liveth and reigneth unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.” 

5. This is the rite. Recite it 3x before entering the shower. The more feeling, and the more specific you get with your THOUGHTS and INTENTIONS, the better.

I beseech you, RAH-FIGH-ELL, RAH-FIGH-ELL, RAH-FIGH-ELL, send down your love and heal me.  Fix my __________ so that I am not held back and suffering any more. By the power of the Most High, YOD-HEH-VAU-HEH ELL-OH-AH VAY-DAH-AATH, heal my mind, body and spirit, so that I may live in love.  So mote it be.

6. At this point, get into the shower.  Close your eyes, and imagine Raphael sending GREEN ENERGY and healing shower down.  Get detailed with it.  Picture Raphael holding out his hands, and the water from the shower flowing out in green from his hands, healing everything it touches.

Do this for a minute or longer.  I will sometimes repeat the words of power while I continue with my shower.  By the time you shut the water off, KNOW that it is done, that you have been healed.  Move on with your day as if, it is done.

Play with this ritual and see how it works.  It has worked well for me in the past, and I'm sure it will for you as well!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Standing Meditation #1: Wuji

Standing Meditation

I've been involved in Chinese Martial Arts, specifically the "Internal" styles of Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan for over 18 years now.  I credit the teachings of my last teacher in opening up my mind to the world of magick.  The things he taught me to do with my mind, my intention and my body opened my world up to incredible possibilities.  The two are certainly related, as Yoga was brought into  Western Mystical practices, so too can we bring other disciplines such as Tai chi.  Indeed, many adepts I know are practitioners of Qigong and Tai chi.

There's many different benefits for applying this technique to your magick.  You can perform the Middle Pillar while standing in Wuji.  This will make your willpower very strong, as the exercise takes willpower to perform.  It will increase your focus, and your energy flow.  Sitting still, you learn more than busily seeking knowledge.

Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation)

The potential of standing meditation is as numerous as sitting meditation.  There seems to be a thousand techniques for a thousand goals.  The point is not choosing the right one so much as it is actually DOING THE WORK!  Below I explain the easiest and most simple techniques.  It can be performed by anyone who is capable of standing for any period of time.  The big mantra we use with Zhan Zhuang is "Quiet on the outside, busy on the inside."

Let me say I've practiced many different martial arts styles.  I can do flips, hand stands and all manner of flashy techniques.  But standing straight up, for any length of time, is by far the hardest thing I've ever done.  Start slowly, work your way up.  This isn't a race, and every little bit will give benefit.

Technique: Wu Ji (Empty form/Void form) Standing

Stand up straight, with your arms to your sides.  Bend your knees slightly, so that they are not locked out (soft knees.)  Flare your elbows out slightly, as if you have tennis balls under your arm pits.  Tuck your butt under, slightly, as if your about to sit on a bar stool.

Imagine a golden string attached to the top of your head, gently pulling your spine upwards.  Imagine from the waist up, is being held up by this string.

Imagine from the waist down, you are "rooted" into the earth.  Your feet are sinking down, grabbing the ground, and settling in.  Imagine your muscular structure is hanging like a coat on a coatrack, being held up by your skeletal structure (NOT your muscles).

Relax, is the key.  Relax.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Each inhale and exhale is a count of 1.  Count to 18.

Simply doing this, relaxing and breathing, is all the exercise is!

After performing this for a month, you can move onto more advanced energetic techniques, which are countless.  The basic relaxation, improving of posture and opening up the energy centers is the main goal.  It seems simple, but your world will start to change with the practice.  Don't be deceived by how simple it appears on paper.  Once you perform this, you will see how difficult it truly is, even for 18 breaths!

Technique: Dan Tien Breathing

Once you've mastered standing in Wuji posture for 18 breaths, you can add this technique.

Focus on your Dan Tien, which is 3 fingers below your bellybutton (navel.) On the graphic, this is your "Lower Dan Tien".  This is the energetic center of your body; where you store all of your Chi (lifeforce/energy).

Simply start by putting your mind there.  Focus on your dan tien.

When you breath deeply, you will notice it is NOT your chest that rises and falls, but your lower abdomen.  As you inhale, imagine your breath as a blue mist going into your chest, down your abdomen and into your dan tien.   Feel it filling up your dan tien, as your abdomen rises, with pure, blue energy.

As you exhale, imagine the energy moving from your dan tien and filling your entire body with this blue mist.  Inhale, and imagine your breath filling your dan tien.  Exhale, imagine it filling your body.

Do this for 18 breaths.

You will notice great things happening with regular practice of this, including an awareness of your own internal energy.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Spirits of the Hours - part 2

The Spirits of the Hours - part 2

You will notice many of these names come from NAP chants, Mystic Grimoire, Brand's books, including the Master Protection Ritual.  You can also find their Zodiac, Tarot and Tree of Life correspondences in Crowley's Liber 777.  These spirits have alot of potential for various workings, something Geoff Gray-Cobb and Damon Brand have started utilizing.

Here follow the names and attributions of the genii who preside over the twelve hours of the Nuctemeron. By these genii the ancient hierophants understood neither angels nor demons, but moral forces or personified virtues. 

Genii of the First Hour: 
  • PAPUS, physician. 
  • SINBUCK, judge. 
  • KASPHUIA, necromancer. 
  • ZAHUN, genius of scandal. 
  • HEIGLOT, genius of snowstorms. 
  • MIZKUN, genius of amulets. 
  • HAVEN, genius of dignity. 

Genii of the Second Hour:
  • SISERA, genius of desire. 
  • TORVATUS, genius of discord. 
  • NITIBUS, genius of the stars. 
  • HIZARBIN, genius of the seas. 
  • SACHLUPH, genius of plants. 
  • BAGLIS, genius of measure and balance. 
  • LABEZERIN, genius of success. 

Genii of the Third Hour:
  • HAHABI, genius of fear. 
  • PHLOGABITUS, genius of adornments. 
  • EIRNEUS, destroying genius of idols. 
  • MASCARUN, genius of death.
  •  ZAROBI, genius of precipices. 
  • BUTATAR, genius of calculations. 
  • CAHOR, genius of deception. 

Genii of the Fourth Hour:
  • PHALGUS, genius of judgment. 
  • THAGRINUS, genius of confusion. 
  • EISTIBUS, genius of divination. 
  • PHARZUPH, genius of fornication. 
  • SISLAU, genius of poisons. 
  • SCHIEKRON, genius of bestial love. 
  • ACLAHAYR, genius of sport. 

Genii of the Fifth Hour:
  • ZEIRNA, genius of infirmities. 
  • TABLIBIK, genius of fascination.
  • TACRITAU, genius of goetic magic. 
  • SUPHLATUS, genius of the dust. 
  • SAIR, genius of the stibium of the sages. 
  • BARCUS, genius of the quintessence. 
  • CAMAYSAR, genius of the marriage of contraries. 

Genii of the Sixth Hour:
  • TABRIS, genius of free will. 
  • SUSABO, genius of voyages. 
  • EIRNILUS, genius of fruits. 
  • NITIKA, genius of precious stones. 
  • HAATAN, genius who conceals treasures. 
  • HATIPHAS, genius of attire. 
  • ZAREN, avenging genius. 

Genii of the Seventh Hour:
  • SIALUL, genius of prosperity. 
  • SABRUS, sustaining genius. 
  • LIBRABIS, genius of hidden gold. 
  • MIZGITARI, genius of eagles. 
  • CAUSUB, serpent-charming genius. 
  • SALILUS, genius who sets doors open.
  •  JAZER, genius who compels love.

Genii of the Eighth Hour: 
  • NANTUR, genius of writing. 
  • TOGLAS, genius of treasures. 
  • ZALBURIS, genius of therapeutics. 
  • ALPHUN, genius of doves. 
  • TUKIPHAT, genius of the schamir. 
  • ZIZUPH, genius of mysteries. 
  • CUNIALI, genius of association. 

Genii of the Ninth Hour:
  • EISNUCH, genius of agriculture. 
  • SUCLAGUS, genius of fire. 
  • KIRTABUS, genius of languages. 
  • SABLIL, genius who discovers thieves.
  • SCHACHLJL, genius of the sun's rays. 
  • COLOPATIRON, genius who sets prisons open. 
  • ZEFFAK, genius of irrevocable choice. 

Genii of the Tenth Hour:
  • SEZARBIL, devil or hostile genius. 
  • AZEUPH, destroyer of children. 
  • ARMILUS, genius of cupidity.
  •  KATARIS, genius of dogs or of the profane. 
  • RAZANIL, genius of the onyx. 
  • BUCAPHI, genius of stryges. 
  • MASTHO, genius of delusive appearances.

 Genii of the Eleventh Hour: 
  • EGLUN, genius of the lightning. 
  • ZUPHLAS, genius of forests. 
  • PHALDOR, genius of oracles. 
  • ROSABIS, genius of metals.
  • ADJUCHAS, genius of rocks. 
  • ZOPHAS, genius of pantacles. 
  • HALACHO, genius of sympathies. 

Genii of the Twelfth Hour:
  • TARAB, genius of extortion. 
  • MISRAN, genius of persecution. 
  • LABUS, genius of inquisition. 
  • KALAB, genius of sacred vessels. 
  • HAHAB, genius of royal tables. 
  • MARNES, genius of the discernment of spirits. 
  • SELLEN, genius of the favour of the great.

The Spirits of the Hours - part 1

The Spirits of the Hours - part 1

There is a new author I'll be referencing in many posts to come.  His name is Damon Brand, and he belongs to a group called "The Gallery of Magick".  I have read almost all of his books. I'll be reviewing them in another post.  For this post, the book I'll be referencing is entitled "Magickal Protection".  There are many reasons I enjoy Brand's books.  Dare I say, they are aimed at people who have little to no magickal background.  They are very simple to use, require little to no tools, and can be performed with no background in meditation.  Conversely, the explanations are clear, the magic is sound and the ideas are fresh.  There is something else... Brand is heavily influenced by Geoff Gray Cobb and NAP.

One thing about Brand's books, is they all have killer cover artwork.
This book works primarily with seals that are goal specific.  The seals are to be activated, using a technique he outlines in the book, accompanied by short, phonetically-spelled incantations that are (from my newbie understanding of Hebrew) names from heavily influenced Kabbalistic sources.

These seals aside, the book has two main techniques.  One is called "The Sword Banishing".  This is a solid banishing & protection technique, which takes about a minute to perform, and utilizes little known  angels from Kaballah. The other technique he gives is called The "Master Protection Ritual", which I will refer to as MPR (not to be confused with the Middle Pillar Ritual.)

I said earlier in this post that Brand is influenced by Geoff Gray-Cobb.  Something they share is the utilization of spirits called "Genii of the Hours".  The MPR utilizes these exact spirits.  I found these spirits to work quite well.  Nitika, of NAP Money-fame, is one such spirit. 

The Master Protection Ritual is to be performed by saying the Sword Banishing first.  It is followed then by gazing at the MPR Seal, and studying the Hebrew characters (from right to left, of course!)  You then invoke 12 spirits, each having a specific office or duty.  He instructs you to do this once a day, for 33 days.  Completing this 33 day cycle, will activate the protection for up to a year.  I have found I peform it a few days in a row, and I'm good for at least 2 weeks.

This is no ordinary banishing technique I have found. This ritual seems to clear away any blockages you may have holding your magick back.  I have also found that it helps with my social and general anxiety.  I have found this ritual is very positive, and I encourage you to check it out for youself.

The Turning Earth : Turning over a new leaf

I originally opened this blog to educate and help with New Avatar Power.

While I kept the main part of the NAP posts, which are the instructions on how to utilize the NAP chants and trance state, I deleted some of the posts, which contained the Chants from the NAP book itself.  The reason I did this was a few reasons:

1) I am moving the blog in a new direction, tackling other magickal and spiritual issues.  I hope to cover a wider range of topics, books and methods.

2) While the NAP book has been out of print for years (and hard to come by), rumor has it that the rights to Geoff Gray Cobb's work has been transferred, and someone intends to re-release his books.  Therefor, out of respect for the author and the people who plan to rerelease these amazing works, I have gotten rid of the book's chants, save for two, which focus on protection.

All I have to say is ... .Stay Tuned .... You will be happy you did :)